Friday, March 1, 2013

Conversations #5: Getting A Bad Rap

“Yo, I’m downstairs.”
“I told you to give me a five minute heads up!
“I’m downstairs now though.”
“Alright, I’ll be down in a second.”
“Alright, hurry up. Peace.”
“Yo, Ray! Sorry for taking so long man.”
“It’s all good. Slam the door. So what’s good man?”
“Nothing much, just been bored outta my mind all day.”
“Yeah, I hear you man; summer can get like that. If I didn’t have two jobs I’d probably be the same way.”
“Yeah…hey, what is this??”
“What? The song?”
“Yeah. Is this Mike Posner?”
“Yo, you already know! Haha.”
“Oh god.”
“You know how I am with my Mike Posner man! This song's ill right here.”
“Ehh….Hey, do you mind if I plug in my ITouch?”
“Yeah, of course man.”
“Alright, cool...Yo, I love this song! ‘IT WAS ALL A DREAM! I USED TO READ WORD UP MAGAZINE!’”
“Hah, Theo. Wait, hold up. My mom’s calling. Turn it down a little? Hey mom. What’s up? Yeah, I’m just driving around…no, yeah, that’s rap music…mom, I’m not doing anything bad! Chill out. Mom, I’m with Theo! (Yo, say hi to my mom).”
“Hey Mrs. Robinson.”
“See? It’s all good mom, everything’s fine…alright, talk to you later. Bye.”
“Haha, that was great.”
“She always thinks I’m up to no good man! Especially with that rap playing in the background. She knows you never do anything, though, so it’s all good.”
“Hah, I don’t really know how to take that... but you can thank me later. Why would rap make her think you’re out causing trouble?”
“I dunno man, you know how moms are. She’d think I’m out stealing cars, robbing stores and smoking weed.”
“Haha, at least not with me.”
“Hah, yeah yeah. But yeah dude, rap just doesn’t go well with parents for some reason.”
“I think it’s like that with most people who don’t really listen to it though. Everyone just sees the guns and women—“
“—Guns and women and think that’s all rap's about.”
“I dunno man, that is kinda all any major rapper ever talks about.”
“Well, maybe the mainstream ones—“
“—Kanye West, Jay-z, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Drake, 2 Chainz…”
“Oh god, don’t even talk about 2 Chainz man. Why does he exist??”
Man I love dem strippers!”
“I’m kicking you out of your own car. Get out.”
“Hahahah. But yeah man, you have to admit that’s all raps really about. I like it, but hey, it’s true.”
“Well, maybe most of it, but you gotta look at the big picture man. Why is that what most rappers rap about?”
“Uhh, I don’t know? Probably because they have a lotta money, smoke a lotta weed, and get a lotta hoes.”
“Here’s how I think of it: Most of these guys (and girls) never really had that much when they were growing up. They were born into poverty man. Like, take a line from Juicy: ‘Born sinner, the opposite of a winner/Remember when I used to eat sardines for dinner.’ Or even ‘We used to fuss when the landlord dissed us/No heat, wonder why Christmas missed us.’ Living a life like that, it’s no wonder they rap about getting money and all the stuff they ever dreamed about getting (like cars, girls, mansions, etc.).”
“Dang, you really know that song, huh?”
“Haha, Ray. But I mean, if I was in a gang, and that's all I ever knew, what am I supposed to rap about? Kittens or killers?”
"Hahahaha. Well she's an exception...Do you see what I mean though?"
“Yeah, I guess. That’s old school stuff you're talking about though, man; real hip hop is dead now.”
“Hey man, all things fall apart eventually, I guess. Hey, is that Casey?”
“Huh? Where…? Oh, yeah it is. She’s about to go into the park though—lemme try ‘n catch her.”
“Yo RAY! Slow down man! You’re gonna get us killed one of these days; plus, you know these cops don’t have anything better to do.”
“Hey man, I don’t know about you, but I’ve been ready to die! Alright, here she is; yo, roll your window down.”
Theo: “Hey Casey!”
Casey: “Oh, hey Theo. And Ray? Oh, yeah, hey guys. What’s up?”
Theo: “Nothin’ much. We were just driving around listening to some music and chilling.”
Casey: “Oh, that’s cool. I was just walking to Damien’s suite.”
Theo: “Yeah? How’re you guys doing by the way?”
Casey: “We’re good, he just called me and said he needed some help with a job application—you know how he is.”
Ray: “Hah, yeah, he ‘needs help’ al—“
Theo: “So anyway Case, would you mind helping us out with an argument we were kinda having?”
Casey: “Yeah, sure; what’s up?”
Theo: “Well first, what’s your favorite kinda music?”
Casey: “Ummm...probably Country.”
Theo: “Okay, cool. What do you think about rap?”
Casey: “Ugh, I hate it. I like never listen to it.”
Theo: “Never? How come?”
Casey: “Because it’s gross. All they talk about is and drugs and money and banging girls. And the music videos are disgusting! It’s all just sluts dressed in like nothing!”
Ray: “I actually find them quite enjoyable.”
Theo: “So you don’t like any rap at all?”
Casey: “Mmm, maybe Eminem, but that’s it. I don’t really listen to anyone else.”
Theo: “Why Eminem?”
Casey: “I don’t know…he’s less bad than the others, and he has some catchy songs. But I’m already late guys, I’m gonna run. See you around!”
Ray: “I might need help with my applications too! Call me!”
“Dude, she’s practically dating Damien already.”
“Pshh. Since when does Damien really 'date' anyone?”
“Ehh, good point.”
“Anyway, I tried to tell ya man; rap's never really gonna be accepted.”
“Yeah, I guess so. What's with girls and Eminem anyway?”
"It's probably the hair."

Hey guys! I slyly threw in the titles of 5 classic hip hop albums into this Conversation to do a little something for the 1 month anniversary of the blog. Try to find them all! I’ll post the answers next week.


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