Friday, March 15, 2013

Conversations #7: Forgive, Never Forget

“…and then he just jumped out the window!”
“Just listen to me; I never told you anything. Nothing. Got it?”
“But Zack…you let a guy commit this a joke?”
No, it’s not a joke! Would I lie about something like this??”
“Dude, I can’t believe you’re not lying about something like this. Lie! Please lie!”
“Listen Theo. They were no good anyway, and you know that. I’ve told you about them a thousand times. Last week, one of them wouldn’t even acknowledge my existence. She just came around the corner, looked at me, and then kept walking. Agh, worthless…”
“B-but Zack, that doesn’t mean y-you let a guy kill them!”
“What was I supposed to do Theo? Huh? Jump out, yell really loud and hope the sound waves shatter his gun??”
“Well, uh—“
“Exactly. I can hear you shaking; you’re can’t even speak, right? That’s exactly how I felt. Even if they were worth saving, I wouldn’t have done it. Who knows what I’d have to look forward to.”
“I mean…yeah, I know. I don’t think I could’ve done it either.”
“Exactly. All I’m saying is, the world’s better for it now. Everything’s getting shut down, I finally get to leave this hell, and I’ll be home by morning. It’s almost like a dream man, seriously.”
“…Agh, I don’t even know, man. At least you’re finally coming home. Just don’t tell anyone else! Never fully trust—“
“—anyone but yourself. I know, I know. Hah, I learned from the best, man.”
“Yeah, you did…Alright, I gotta go now. Ly should be meeting me here any second now.”
Lyra, man. You know, that black haired girl—“
“—ahhh, with the—”
“Yeah, her.”
“Right, right, I remember. Ktch! Alright, well stay safe brother. And don’t do anything I wouldn’t!”
“Man, shut up.”
“Hahah! Peace dude.”
“Peace man.”
“Heyy, Theo!”
“Yo, Ly! There you are!”
“Yeah, sorry I’m late! I got really into my workout, and I just lost track of time, and—“
“Nah, it’s all good.”
“Phew. Thanks Teddy. So, what’re we doing?”
“Ehh, I was thinking maybe taking a lap around Silverbridge? There’s a full moon out tonight, and it looks pretty beautiful when it hits the water.”
“Oooo. Sure, let’s go!”
“So, what’d you do today?”
“Huh? Sorry.”
“Heh, it’s okay. What’d you do today??”
“Ohh. Hah, my bad. Umm, not much…I did some drawing in the studio, then I headed up to Rock for lunch…finally stopped by the Pearl office for that interview they asked me to do—“
Finally! They took so long with that. So when does the article come out??”
“It should be out not this coming week, but next week. I think it went pretty well!”
“That’s awesome Teddy!”
“Hah, yeah…”
“What’s up?”
“Huh? What do you mean?”
“You sound like something’s troubling you. Is everything okay?”
“Oh. Well, I guess so. I just have a lot to do, and a lot’s been going on recently.”
“Already? It’s only been a few weeks!”
“Yeah, tell me about it. But, I guess it’s better to be busy than to be bored, right?”
“Well, yeah, I guess so…”
“Hey, Lyra?”
“Huh? Yeah?”
“Do you think everyone deserves to be forgiven?”
“Hmmm…Yeah, I think so. I mean, there’re still people who I haven’t forgiven from high school…but I haven’t thought about them in so long, I think if I saw them one day I’d just do it to get it over with.”
“What do you think?”
“Well, I mean…I’ve only ever hated two people before. Like, actually hated.”
“Ahh. Who?”
“Just these two stupid kids from high school.”
“Hmm. Isn’t College so much chiller than high school?”
“TELL ME about it. Agh, I hated high school.”
“Me too. But anyway, what were you saying?”
“Ehh, it’s just that, right now I wouldn’t mind throwing my pride aside and forgiving them and everything, but then I start thinking about what they did, and how terrible I felt. Then I can’t forgive them, because I remember why I swore I never would in the first place.”
“Hmm. Well, you don’t have to forgive them. You probably won’t even see them again, right?”
“That’s true…” But then, why does it keep coming back to me?
“Oh my God, look Teddy! You were right, the lake is gorgeous! It’s so silver.”
“It’s like your eyes, Ly.”
“Hehe, think you’re so smooth, don’t you?”
“Nahh…But man, look at this…nights like these make you wonder, huh?”
“They always do, Teddy.”

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