Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Harvesting Haibuns #2

  Safe Haven

                         Below lie the badlands. Tamed hyenas cackle mindlessly amongst 
                         themselves with relentless vigor, smiling with shifty eyes. The base of 
                         hatred begins to burn brighter by the day, and is at night fed by the moon
                         and the strange images it conjures from the darkness. Trapped, one can 
                         only wait and listen, silently going mad until the cause is lost along with 
  Paradise lost
  A plane knowingly off course
  Passengers hide their tears


                         The feeling of freedom rushes all around us. We left all our worries on the
                         plane, and now we have nothing but the world to face.

  Running, hiding, falling
  Temporary escapes
  From ultimate fate


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