Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Harvesting Haibuns #1


                                 Putting them on, I watch the world around me come to life 
                                 with uninvited purpose. The rhythm and beat of the music 
                                 begins to coincide with the movements of the world around
                                 me. I receive looks of confusion and disdain, but they are 
                                 only a glitch in the half hour long music video that is my 
                                 walk to the gym.

Back and forth
Cherishing the peace
Before the tornado

   Bad Habits

                                  It doesn’t discriminate, but always causes the same effect. 
                                  Shelving my resolve, even momentarily, I succumb to the 
                                  unspoken threats of isolation.

The pond is calm
Waiting for a pebble
I throw the first


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