Friday, March 22, 2013

Conversations #8: Perspectives, Part 1

“Umm…hey, Ang?”
“Heyy, Sasha! What’s up?”
“Well, I just thought you should know…I mean, well…Ummm…”
“What is it?”
“Well…last Saturday, I was at the lacrosse house, right?”
“And I was really drunk. I mean, I was like blacked out.”
“So, umm—and I don’t even remember any of this, Kelly and Jenn had to tell me everything—so, Tom was there…”
“Tom, like…?”
“Yeah, that Tom.”
"Okayyy, so what happened?”
“Well, I didn’t really know what was going on, but he apparently just came up to me and kissed me! Like, I have no idea! I didn’t even see him; he just came out of nowhere. And I like immediately pushed him away! It was soo weird!”
"I'm really sorry, Ang. I was totally shocked, I swear."
“…It’s okay.”
“Are you sure? Because, like, I didn’t even know it was him; I mean, I was really drunk an—“
“Why don’t you stop drinking then?”
“I said, why don’t you stop f***ing drinking then??”
“Woah, Ang, I just wanted to say sorry; I thought you should know! I felt really guilty.”
“Oh, you feel guilty so you come here and ruin my day?? AGH! I knew you liked him!”
“What?? I never said that!”
“You didn’t have to. I saw you looking at him all the time when we were together! And, Stacey told me what you said about him!”
“…What’d she say?”
I KNEW IT! I don’t know, but I knew you said something!”
“Look, I came here to apologize. I don’t need you to be a b**** to me, okay??”
What did you just call me??”
“Hmph…no wonder Tom wanted to break up with you.”
Excuse me?? I broke up with him.”
“Yeah, that’s what you think.”
“…Never mind. I gotta go.”
Wait! Hey!!”
“Get off me psycho!!”
“What did you mean??”
“What do you care?? You never cared!”
“Hey, is that Angelina?”
“Where…? Oh, yeah, it is. Who’s she screaming at??”
“Hmm, no idea. Can you hear what they’re saying?”
“Yeah…something about a break up, some guy.”
“Hey, by the way, did you get your Haiti stuff in yet??”
“Yeah man, got it in yesterday!”
“Really? With who??”
“What? …Ohhh, woooow. Haha, stupid. But man, I can’t wait. It’s gonna be crazy!”
“Hahaha. I know, though! I wish it was for longer…but hey, at least it’s something, right?”

Hey guys! Here (finally) are the answers from the "Conversations #5" famous rap albums activity. Sorry it took so long to post 'em! Won't happen again. Anyway, here ya go, and look out for #2 in this new "Perspectives" trilogy I'm working on. Hope you like 'em!
  1. Things Fall Apart--The Roots
  2. Recovery--Eminem
  3. Hip Hop is Dead--Nas
  4. Ready to Die--The Notorious B.I.G.
  5. The Big Picture--Big L
  6. (Bonus--I know, I know, it's nowhere near classic) Thank me Later--Drake

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