Friday, March 29, 2013

Conversations #9: Let It All Out

Ray: “Yo Vinicious, hook me up with my usual?”
Theo: “Same here.”
Mac: “Uhhh, yeah, why not. I was gonna switch it up today, but that’s cool.”
Vinny: “Alright guys, no problem. Be ready in about 15.”
Theo: “Sounds good pal.”
Ray: “It’s pretty packed today, huh?”
Mac: “Yeah, it’s weird, it’s never this packed.”
Theo: “Yo, so do you really think Vinny likes Ang?”
Ray: “Of course!”
Mac: “You can’t tell?”
Theo: “I dunno. I mean, we’ve known him for over a year now; why wouldn’t he just tell us? We see him like four times a week!”
Mac: “He’s probably just shy about it. He isn’t the most outgoing guy out there.”
Ray: “We probably help him out if he just told us, though.”
Mac: “You think Ang would give him a chance?”
Ray: “Only if you told her to! Haha.”
Mac: “Hah, you keep saying that.”
Ray: “It’s true, man!”
Theo: “Ahhh, I don’t know guys. I miss the good old days, when we could tell each other anything and not even think about it.”
Mac: “Like when we were kids?”
Theo: “Yeah, exactly.”
Ray: “Dude, I remember those days.”
Theo: “When drama was fighting over a crayon, man.”
Mac & Ray: “Haha.”
Mac: “Yeah, those were good times. I remember telling my first girlfriend ever that I liked her the first day of 2nd grade.”
Ray: “Yeahh Mac! Pimpin’ even back then! Hahaha.”
Mac: “Hah, nahh.”
Theo: “So what’d she say?”
Mac: “Who? Oh. I think…she giggled a little, and then I think we started holding hands that afternoon.”
Ray: “Danggg, second base in one day!”
Mac: “What?? Hahaha, you’re crazy dude.”
Theo: “Hah, hey, he had to start somewhere.”
Ray: “Haha…but yeah, what do you guys think happened to those days? I miss stuff like that, man.”
Mac: “You know, me too. I don’t really know, but it was so much easier back then. Everyone just said what they were thinking about, and then by lunchtime we were laughing and playing around again. Man, I really miss those days.”
Ray: “Thanks a lot Theo! Jerk! Haha.”
Theo: “Hahaha. I don’t know guys. It’s probably something to do with this whole “don’t judge me” crap that’s been going around now.”
Ray: “Ahh, yeah, I can see that.”
Mac: “Yeah, I hear it like literally at least three times a day.”
Ray: “Yeah, and it’s mostly all girls who say it, too.”
Theo: “Exactly!”
Mac: “Actually, yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever heard another dude say it before. Not seriously, anyway.”
Theo: “And the really stupid thing is that it’s literally impossible not to judge. We were talking about it Philosophy with Mama.”
Ray: “Is her last name really Mama?”
Theo: “Yeah man. Haha, she’s awesome.”
Mac: “But yeah, that’s a good point. You pretty much automatically judge everything you see or hear.”
Theo: “Or taste, touch, or smell. ‘Mmm, that smells delicious! Bleh, this feels slimy!’ and so on.”
Ray: “Ahh yo, that reminds me! I never told you guys.”
Mac: “Told us that?”
Theo: “Yeah, what’s up?”
Ray: “Alright, so last week I was talking to this girl. Pretty hot. Haha. Anyway—“
Theo: “Who was it??”
Ray: “I don’t remember her name, but I know she’s a Criminal Justice Major, and she lives in Orion—“
Mac: “A freshman Ray? Really?”
Ray: “Dammit, let me finish my story! So, like I was saying, we were talking, and she mentions that she blacked out last night—or, the night before, I mean—and tells me that when she woke up, she was on Silverbridge, totally naked, with a snapping turtle and an inflatable shark!”
Theo: “Like, on the actual bridge??”
Ray: “Yeah! That’s what I’m saying!!”
Theo: “How’d she know it was snapping??”
Ray: “Hah, well—“
Mac: “Yo, we should probably lower it down a little; people are starting to stare—”
Ray: “—and that’s how she found out!”
Theo: “Holy flip…”
Ray: “Exactly. Can’t believe I forgot to tell you guys!”
Theo: “So what’d you say back??”
Ray: “I didn’t know what to say! Haha. I just stared at her.”
Mac: “Hah, smooth Ray, smooth.”
Ray: “Haha, yeah, yeah, I know. But then—and this is what reminded me—she just puts her hands on her hips and goes ‘Hey, don’t judge me!’”
Theo: “Hahahaha.”
Ray: “I know! I just looked at her like ‘Trick, who isn’t gonna judge you if you tell them that??”
Mac: “Annnd, right on cue!”
Vinny: “Here you go guys; deep dishes all around. One meat lovers, one vegetarian, one Hawaiian—and a Sprite on the house.”
Theo: “Yes! Vinny, I’ve never seen anything so beautiful.”
Mac: “Thanks bud.”
Ray: “Yeah Vin, thanks for the hookup man. We’ll see if we can do the same for you and Ang.”
Vinny: “…...What???”

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