Friday, March 8, 2013

Conversations #6: Guilty 'Til Proven Innocent

“Hey, Mac!”
“Huh? Oh, hey Ang.”
“What’s up?”
“Nothing much. I was just gonna run up to Rock and grab a burger or something.”
“Really? Ahhh, that sounds so good right now. I didn’t eat anything all day.”
“What? Why not??”
“Yeah, well like besides an apple and a little yogurt this morning. I don’t know. I’ve just been so busy with classes and homework and…studying.”
“Well, you should probably take a break sometimes—every once in a while. Wanna come get something?”
“Sure! I love Rockwell.”
“So what’s new with you?”
“Oh, nothing much. I just have SO much work to do; I have two projects I wanna start working on, like a whole book to read for Classic Lit., I have to visit a church for Theology, and I have to help my roommate with her essay.”
“You have to?”
“Well, she asked, and I can’t really just say no.”
“Ah, okay.”
“Plus, I’m taking an extra course this semester, so I have even less time than before. And I’m in like five clubs and—ugh!”
“Man, you really have a lot going on huh?”
“Yeahhh…Oh! So do you think you’re going to Festivus??”
“Yeah, I think so. I still have to work some stuff out.”
“Awesome! Isn’t Festivus the best?”
“For the rest of us…haha”
“But yeah! I love it. Here, let me get that for you.”
“Thanks! So do you know who you’re going to Ball with?”
“Ummm, not really…I was actually gonna take Sammy (because I promised her I’d take her after last year) but…I don’t know anymore.”
“How come?”
“I dunno…she’s changed a lot over the summer. Like, she used to be all cute and innocent, and she was really cool to hang with. I was with her last night at my friend’s house though, and she’s just…”
“Hmm…yeah, I noticed something too. She dresses kiiinda slutty now, and she’s definitely not as sweet as she was last year.”
“Yeah…I mean, that’s cool if she likes that, but that’s just not really me. –Hey, how’s it goin’? I have a bacon burger, fries and a vanilla shake. Thanks pal.”
“Yeah, you don’t really seem like you’re into the ‘crazy/wild/slutty girls that much. –Chicken salad, PowerAde. Thanks.”
“Hah. Why, what kinda girls do you think I’m into?”
“Oh, I don’t know…probably the more innocent type? Like, girls who are more shy?”
“Yeah? I’m not really sure, I never really thought about what ‘type.’ But yeah, I guess the quieter girls are good…”
Damien: “YO! Mac! Come over here man, we were just talkin’ about you.”
Mac: “Heyy bro! What’s up? Theo! What were you guys saying?
Theo: “Casey was telling Damien that Sammy won’t come out of her room in the suite.”
Damien: “Yeahh man. Case thinks she’s depressed ‘cause you shot her down for Festivus. She came out of her room once to go to the bathroom and her eyes were really red and all puffy (that’s what Case said, anyway).”
Mac: “Really? Aww man. I didn’t wanna hurt her feelings or anything…”
Theo: “Look at you, breaking hearts. What were you guys talkin’ about?”
Ang: “Juuust about how Mac likes innocent girls more than slutty girls.”
Damien: “Well, yeah, who doesn’t?”
Theo: “Yeah. Slutty girls can be hot, but you don’t know where that’s been!”
Mac: “Haha whaaat??”
Damien: “Haaaaaaa! This fool said—!”
Ang: “Wow Theo.”
Theo: “Hey, it’s true! You guys all know it!”
Damien: “Hahaa. I dunno about that, but I dunno man; innocent girls are definitely cuter.”
Mac: “Yeah, definitely.”
Theo: “And it’s cool to see them react to stuff that they don’t know about.”
Ang: “So what if a girl knows about stuff, but hasn’t really experienced anything yet?”
Damien: “Yeah, I think it’s the same.”
Theo: “Ehhh, but it’s not as much fun.”
Ang: “Mac?”
Mac: “Hah, uhhh…I don’t know—personally, I like girls who’re smart and stuff, but you can still look up at the stars and wonder what’s out there.”
Ang: “Awww, that’s so sweet!”
Damien: “The thirst is real..."


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