Friday, February 15, 2013

Conversations #3: And The Winner Is...

“Hey Damien! What’s up?”
“Whaat? Hey Ang!  Come ‘ere girl! What’re you doing here? I didn’t know you liked basketball.”
“Oh, I don’t. I’m just here to see Sasha play. She’s number 14.”
“Yeah, I know. She’s been crazy today; they already have 20 points!”
“Wow. So why are you here?”
“I dunno. I always liked basketball, and our women’s team is actually good.”
“Yeah, the men kinda suck.”
“Yeah, I know. But um, I’m really just here to see this girl that I’ve kinda been talkin’ to.”
“Oooo, really? Who is it?”
“That one, number 11.”
“What’s her name?”
“Cynthia. Wave back.”
“Ooo, she’s so pretty! Hey!”
“Yeah, she’s cool.”
“So how’s it going with you guys?”
“Eh. It’s alright.”
“Ehh, I don’t know…she’s just playing all these stupid little games, and it’s starting to get on my nerves, for real.”
“Like what?”
“I dunno. Just like waiting for me to text her first, not answering me on Facebook all day, and then when I see her she’s all ‘Baby, I missed you! Mwah mwah!’ It’s like ‘Then why didn’t you answer me when I texted you four hours ago??’ It’s messed up, man. Why do girls do that?”
”I don’t know Damien…girls are just stupid sometimes, I guess.”
“Hah, not all you guys…it’s just like—! Alright, check this out. So before she left this morning—“
“What do you mean?”
“Oh. So she was over last night, right?”
“Ohhhh. Okay, I gotcha.”
“Haha, danggg Ang. Come on, I know you ain’t that innocent.”
“No, no, I get it.”
“Alright. So when she left this morning she told me to come see her play today, right?”
“So I was like ‘Okay, cool.’ But I forgot what time it was at. So I text her, ‘Hey, what time’s your game again?’”
“Uh huh…”
“And she doesn’t text me back ‘til 10 minutes before the game starts. Yeah, exactly. I’m just like shoveling all my food down my throat, had to tell Courtney I’d get back at her later—“
“Courtney who?”
“Heyy, don’t judge! Anyway, I’m literally running across campus to get here to see her walk out, and then when I get here I got an extra so I run to the bathroom, and I crash into her in the hallway!”
“Yeahh man, she was pissed. She starts going off at me like “I thought you cared about me. I thought it was real this time.”
“Oh my God. How do you even get in these situations?”
“I don’t know! They just come after me, I’m helpless.”
“HAHA, riiiight…”
“Hah, what?”
“You dooo kinda play a lot of girls too.”
“Huh? What do you mean?”
“Damien. Since the semester started you’ve literally brought eight different girls with you to Rocco’s to eat with us.”
“What? Some of those girls were just friends!”
“I hear what you and Ray say about them when you think you guys are whispering.”
“Hahhh! But nah, nah, It’s totally different.”
“How’s it different?”
“This is just some stuff every girl does ‘cause she thinks it’s cute or some ish. I bet you do it too.”
“I do not play with guys.”
“Yeah, but I’m talking about messing with them.”
“Really Damien?”
“Hahaha. Yeah! Don’t even act like you don’t either.”
“I don’t!”
“How about Mac?”
“What about him?”
“Girl…You definitely like him, it’s so obvious.”
“I do not…”
“Uh huh…”
“Well, so what if I did? I still don’t mess with him.”
“But you don’t say nothing. How’s he supposed to know you like him?”
“I don’t know…I drop hints. He should figure it out.”
“See! That’s exactly what I’m talkin’ about! What’s up with all this hint-dropping stuff man? Why can’t you just be straight and be like ‘Hey dude, I like you. Let’s go out.”
“I don’t know—why can’t he ask me??”
 “Whys he have to be the one asking you though?”
“I don’t know; that’s just how it is! I’m not the only one who does it.”
“I know, I know, chill! I’m just sayin’, it’s kinda messed up how it is.”
 “Well…I mean, no girl wants a guy who can’t grow a pair and ask them out.”
“Haha, damnnn.”
“Besides, we’re the ones who have to reject you guys; that’s really hard.”
“Haha bs.”
“You heard me! That’s some BS right there foo! You think it’s harder for you to turn a guy down than for you—I mean, than for him to get turned down?”
“I never said it was harder—just hard.”
“Maaan, you don’t even know what you’re talkin’ about anymore.”
“Well then why do you play so many girls if it’s so hard for them huh??”
“Relax, relax! They already know what they’re getting into. Besides…you know Mac gets a lotta girls too, right?”
“Yeah, but he doesn’t mess around with them like you do.”
“Psh, it just looks that way; trust me, Mac gets it in. We’re all the same, I’m tellin’ you.”
“Hm. Yeah, well, I’m gonna go back to my suite. Hope you have fun with your new girrll.”
“Huh. Alright, cool, I definitely will. Actually, you can tell her yourself tonight at Rocco’s; I’m bringing her.”
“…Kay, bye.”

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