Friday, February 1, 2013

Conversations #1: Fishing

“Dude, watch out for the stop sign!” 
“I stopped at the last one. How am I supposed to get somewhere if I’m not moving half the time??”
“Agh, whatever.”
“Hey, by the way, I meant to tell you: Me and a couple of the guys are hitting the bars tonight around 10. You wanna come?”
“What guys?”
“Hector and Joey, and maybe a couple girls from Eastwood.”
“Nah, I’ll pass.”
“What, you don’t like Eastwood girls? Come on man, give ‘em a shot—“
“Nah man, I just don’t like going to bars. Besides, I don’t drink anyway.”
“Then have a freakin’ Sprite Theo! Come on, you always do this to me; last weekend Joey blacked out before we left, Hector got shot down by this Russian chick he tried to hit on and hid in the bathroom crying for an hour, and I was stuck talking to this creepy old lady that said she’d curse my family forever if I didn’t ‘keep the shots comin’ nice and hot.’ I need you man!”
“Haha, you’re really selling this Ray.”
“Shut up. Hey, you got $5?”
“Yeah, I got you.”
“Thanks. They jack up the damn prices every summer.”
“I guess I wouldn’t know; I don’t really come here that much.”
“That’s what I’m talking about man. You gotta get out more and enjoy life once in a while! And make sure your door closes—slam it.”
“Done. But I’m fine man, really. I’ll probably just head back and read a book, maybe finish this videogame I’m about to beat.”
“Theo, staying in to play a videogame on a Friday night? Seriously? What’re you doing with your life man?”
“Haha, I love my life foo. I just don’t like going out that much, especially if I’m gonna be just standing around doing nothing.”
“Alright. Well you know, I really could care less—“
Couldn’t care less.”
“Like I was saying, I could care less what you do. I mean, I care, but—“
“I know, I know.”
“Yeah. But a few of us were chilling yesterday, and everyone basically thinks you either hate them or you’re depressed.”
“What? Why??”
“Because you never chill with us.”
“Ray, I’m chilling with you right now.”
“You know what I mean; when the whole group goes out and chills.”
“I don’t know…it gets mad loud, Bens always drunk, Joey always starts singing that stupid Taylor Swift song…”
“Come onn, do the right thing!”
“Hold up. Since when was staying in wrong? You stay in sometimes.”
“Well, yeah, but not as much as you.”
“Well everyone’s different man! You like to go out and party, I like to stay in and chill. You like to do Jell-O shots off old voodoo ladies—“
“Hey! It was just that once!”
“—and I like to read a book or play some games. We all do our own stuff.”
“Maybe. I dunno; it’s probably just the people we chill with. Everyone goes out now, but back at Western and even the first couple years of GHS, staying at home on the weekends was never that big a deal. But now it’s all about the clubs and bars, man.”
“Yeah man, what happened to those days? It used to be so chill back then. Now you always gotta watch your back for who’s looking at you, what people are saying behind your back—all that. It’s even worse than high school man.”
“Yeah, I know. You know what? I never really started going out ‘till everyone else did. I wasn’t even being pressured or anything man; it was just all the stories everyone had the next day, and you got to meet mad people that I never even saw before.”
“They’re probably there for the same reasons as you, man. And it sticks them all together, like it’s the only thing they have in common.”
“Maybe. All I know is, I see those looks you get dude.”
“The weird ones?”
“Yeah man, like people just wanna look in your head and see what you’re thinking, see what’s wrong. It’s like they’re tryin’ to figure you out.”
“That’s the thing Ray—nothing’s wrong. But no one ever mans up enough to really ask me and find out. It wasn’t like this in Australia, man…”
“Nothing. Anyway, I miss those days growing up when we’d just chill on Friday nights, order some pizza and play some Smash, or Mario Party.”
“Man, that’s legendary stuff right there.”
“Yo, why don’t you come over tonight? I have my old GameCube at the apartment, and we can split a couple pizzas. Yo, it’ll be like the old days!”
“Hah, sorry man. I really want to, but you know I forgot how to play years ago…hey, is that guy fishing?”
“Yeah…that’s kinda weird, I didn’t know you were allowed to fish at the beach.”
“You probably aren’t. Hey, you ever wonder why fishermen go through all the trouble of buying worms to catch fish? They should just stick a twig or something on the hook instead; the fish would never be able to tell the difference.”


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