Friday, February 22, 2013

Conversations #4: Homecoming

Mac: “…And then in the morning she just slipped out before I woke up, and I never saw her again.”
Meghan: “Oh my god!”
Olivia: “That’s so terrible! Without even a goodbye…”
Emma: “You poor thing!”
Mac: “Well, she did leave a little note on this scrap of paper on her pillow. It was the first thing I saw when I woke up.”
Brianna: “Oh my God!! What’d it say??”
Olivia: “Well???”
Mac: “It just said ‘I’ll love you always.’ And there was a little mark on it, like a teardrop fell there.”
Girls Collectively: “AWWWWWW—!!!!”
Damien: “YOO MAC!!! MAH BOY!!”
Theo: “Hey, Mac! What’s good man?!”
Ray: “Heyy girls! Lemme get in on this group—. Hey! What, no one wants a hug anymore??”
Emma: “Umm…”
Damien: “Oh, hey Meghan. How you been?”
Meghan: “Hmph—like you care!”
Olivia: “Well then, bye Mac! Are we still on for lunch tomorrow?”
Mac: “Alright, see you guys later! And yeah, definitely.”
Brianna: “And we’re still gonna go to the football game Sunday right?”
Mac: “Yeah, of course! I already got the face paint haha.”
Girls Collectively: “Byeee.”
Theo: “Man, look at this kid! First day back and he already got his whole week filled up!”
Ray: “How do you do it man? You can’t just keep them all to yourself, come on!”
Damien: “What was her problem?? Did you see that? Man, you scream the wrong name once…”
Mac: “Hahah! Ahh, I missed you guys! How’ve your summers been? Did anything happen while I was away?”
Ray: “Nah, nothin' could happen without you man! What were you saying about a girl leaving a note though…?”
Mac: “Eh. Well, while I was in Holland over the summer I met this Brazilian girl—“
Ray: “Wait…”
Damiem: “…What?”
Mac: “Yeah, I know. The same company flew us both out there for the internship. But anyway, yeah, we just kinda started going out, and then...she split.”
Damien: “Damn.”
Theo: “I feel your pain, man. I feel your pain.”
Ray: “Haha, how?”
Damien: “Theo, what you do? Something happen in Australia?”
Theo: “Well…kinda. I mean, it wasn’t exactly in Australia—“
Ray: “Just say it man!”
Theo: “Okay, okay! My girlfriend broke up with me too.”
Damien & Mac: “WHAT???”
Ray: “Pshh, yeah right. We know you don’t have a girlfriend.”
Theo: “I know I don't. But I did, really!”
Damien: “Are you serious?”
Theo: “Yeah.”
Mac: “For how long?”
Theo: “Just under 2 years-ish?”
Mac: “How did you not tell us??”
Ray: “Wait, what! You’re serious??”
Damien: “YES Ray, he’s serious! Look into his eyes, man!”
Ray: “Who is it??”
Theo: “Was. And you don’t know her, she went to a different school.”
Ray: “Dammit Theo! I can’t believe this!”
Damien: “Yo, chill, chill! She already broke up with him. You can’t just kick him when he’s down.”
Mac: “Yeah…so what happened with you two?”
Theo: “Eh…it’s not worth mentioning. Just some stupid stuff.”
Ray: “Do we at least get a name?”
Theo: “Denise.”
Damien: “I know a few girls named Denise…sluts, all of ‘em.”
Theo: “Thanks, Damien.”
Ray: “Okay, okay, never mind. Look guys, it’s a new year anyway. You’re both back at school with females all over the place. I don’t even gotta tell Mac!”
Mac: “Haha, hey man, what can I say? Hahah, nah, just kidding.”
Theo: “You do work fast dude. What’s your secret? Help a heartbroken dude out man!”
Mac: “I don’t really have a secret. I’m just friends with a lot of girls, and they always wanna do stuff with me. No Ray, don’t even—!”
Ray: “We already know what they wanna do man! Hahaha, don’t be shy!”
Mac: “Pshh. But yeah, I guess the ‘friends first’ thing works pretty well. That’s how Laura and I met.”
Damien: “Who?”
Theo: “His Brazilian.”
Ray: “I don’t know man, that doesn’t really work though.”
Mac: “Yeah it does. How?”
Ray: “Because then you get friend-zoned, and when you wanna ask them out—”
Theo: “They say no ‘because I don’t want it to ruin our friendship.’”
Ray: “Exactly! What kinda crap is that??”
Damien: “Yeahh, but sometimes they got a point though.”
Theo: “What?? How?”
Damien: “Yo, chill! I’m just sayin’; I’ve dated girls who I wished I’d just stayed friends with.”
Mac: “Yeah, me too. Getting friendzoned is the worst though, I gotta admit.”
Damien: “Yeah, I guess that’s true.”
Ray: “Yo, but how about when a girl dumps you, but says ‘but let’s still be friends!’!?”
Theo: “That’s exactly what happened to me!”
Damien: “Awww man, I HATE that ish! What’s she thinking, everything’s just gonna be all chill now while she’s goin’ around with some other dude?”
Theo: “Exactly! ‘Hey, yeah, sure! I don’t mind! Call you later? Pshh, no problem!’”
Ray: “And if you say no, you look like a prick. It’s just messed up, man. And then you gotta walk around and act like you’re happy to see her. 'Oh, hey! Hahaha. I don't hate you at all!'”
Damien: “What you thinking Mac?”
Mac: “I don’t know dude…I wouldn’t mind seeing her again.”
Theo: “Well, your girl just walked out randomly, so it's kinda different...”
Ray: “Dude! Shut up!”
Mac: “Hah, nah, it’s all good. I hate being friends with exs too—I’m actually not really with any of mine anymore. But I don’t know man…this one’s different.”
Damien: “What was her name?”
Mac: “Laura.”
Ray: “Hey man, you never know. You might see her again someday randomly.”
Theo: “Hah, just vacationing in Brazil one year and then ‘Whoa! Laura?? Mann,  you still look good!”
Mac: “Hahaha! Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m gonna say! You know me so well dude! Hah.”
Damien: “Yo, sorry, but I’m starving. You guys wanna hit up Rocco’s?”
Theo: “Ahh, dude! I miss Rocco’s!”
Ray: “Oh, man. Let’s go! Vinny always hooks it up.”
Damien: “Nah, man, that’s just 'cause Ang is always with us.”
Theo: “What?? Nahh, Vinny’s like family!”
Damien: “I’m tellin’ you man, he got a thing for Ang! And she hates him too.”
Theo: “Agh, you can never tell with her. She’s a habitual liar man, I’m tellin ya—“
Ray: “Yeah, yeah, and she’s always mean to you, and she always pretends to be nice to everyone when she isn’t. You gotta stop whining all the time dude.”
Theo: “But it’s true! You just can’t tell because she’s so good at faking it!”
Mac: “Haha, well she better be. Let’s swing by her house on the way and see if she wants to come.”
Damien: “And get her to wear those leggings, man; I’m looking for an Extra Large, you feel me?”
Mac: “Man, it’s good to be home!”


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