Thursday, February 14, 2013

Typical V-Day

            I yawned, stretched, and headed for the window. Leaning against it I imagined I looked somewhat like a silhouette of restlessness, a painting yearning to burst free from the confines of its frame. As I opened the window and peered out of it, I was lazily greeted by a butterfly (with turquoise wings) landing square on my nose! I involuntarily felt my arms flail about in response to some unknown fear of butterflies, first slapping it away and then immediately cursing myself for having touched it. Amidst all of the commotion I heard soft footsteps approaching me, creaking along the old wooden floorboards of our cottage. In a flurry of arms and legs I whirled around too quickly for my own good, stepping on my amazingly soft cotton PJs and consequently slipping and slamming back-first onto the cool, hard floor. There I lay, still as a corpse. My thoughts fought unenthusiastically over whether I was to play dead or stand and fight my last battle. After what seemed to be a good couple hours I cracked and threw open my eyelids in a wild eyelid-throwing frenzy. Poring over me with a smile only innocence can manage was my ridiculously small 8 year-old niece, Amber.
“HAPPY VALENTINES DAY UNCLE BRENT!!” She dove down and ruthlessly tackled my head, encasing it in a baby-bear hug in an instant.
“Mmmfff…mmff mff!”
“I love you too, Uncle. Hey, how’d your face get all purpley like that?”

Happy Valentines Day! Whether you’re in love or being suffocated.


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