Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Harvesting Haibuns #8


                      Running for and from hope simultaneously, it’s the journey that holds and gifts the
                      greatest impact. No matter whether we receive a shiny new toy or a lump of coal,
                      Santa remains the same.

Cold evening walks
Searching for peace of mind and spirit
Finding Discipline


                      Thunder angrily surfs along the wicked waves of wind, an amateur who never fails
                      to wipe out against the power lines. Freshly-brewed Barry’s tea steams steadily at 
                      the lack of attention it’s receiving—understandable, is it not? Our eyelids nod as
                      if in agreement and soon there’s nothing more to do but dream of the incredible.

Divine serenity
Something unharnessed and swift
Elusive and sweet

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