Thursday, April 11, 2013

Harvesting Haibuns #7

Emerald Sea

                         Speeding down the country road, we sit in silence and stare on in shock as
                         the Emerald Sea cascades around us. It remains calm, and yet it gently
                         threatens to envelop us at the slightest mishap.

Following Moses
Blind from any danger
The warmth of peace


                        Opening the door hesitantly, I peer inside, and I am indeed alone. I sigh
                        deeply between pants; finally, peace at last. Sauntering over to my rightful
                        seat, I relish the space and begin to think optimistically of the day ahead.
                        Before I’m halfway finished, however, I feel an ominous frost start to seep
                        into my bones. A chill creeps its way up my spine, and I know my troubles
                        have caught up with me.

As we sit in class
Endless thoughts plague my conscience
And then, we are free

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